Pediatric Cardiologist

Jolee had her first appointment for a check up on her heart on July 5th, 2013. Her doctor was a generous man. We first undressed her and weighed her. She now weighed 8lbs 10oz! She’s gained 5oz since birth and that’s great news! Her doctor first listened to heart with a stethoscope. He said it sounded great! I was extremely grateful to hear these words. Then came her ultrasound news. He explained to me she has three holes in heart. Which is called ASD and VSD. It’s associated with her Down Syndrome. I instantly wanted to cry but I knew I had to stay strong for my daughter. I remember him drawing out a picture of her heart and I just wanted to turn my head away. But he reassured me she was in excellent hands and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. I asked him how the surgery works. He said “We cut between the breast bone, stop the heart, patch the hole, and restart her heart”. I fought back my tears as hard as I could. I just held my baby girl’s hand and wouldn’t let go. He set up her next appointment in eight weeks. I’m hoping by then, I’ll hear that her holes are closing on their own.


June 19th, 2013

8lbs 5oz, 22in

This was the day I found out my daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. As soon as she was born, the doctors took her straight to the NICU to monitor her heart because she has ASD&VSD in her heart, which came with the DS. I wasn’t able to see her for at least two hours! Once I got to see her, she was hooked up to so many machines. I was so afraid to even touch her because I thought I’d hurt her. The doctors told me she was perfectly fine. Just needed to be under observation. I cried with tears full of joy when they finally let me hold my baby girl for the first time in my arms… I had spoken with her regular doctor who was keeping her under watch. He explained to me she knew for a fact my daughter had Down Syndrome without even getting the test results back. All he explained to me is that he wanted Jolee to feed on her own before she could go home. He also told me to be up bright and early so I could speak with a couple people who could help me assist her. I really just wanted to go back to my room with her but they wouldn’t let me. I spent as much time as I could with her before I was extremely exhausted. I felt so empty going to bed without being able to hold her. I just had so many questions running through my head. “Could I ever have more kids because of her condition?” “Will I be able to support her in every way possible?” “Will my boyfriend get up and leave and let me struggle on my own?”. I ended up giving myself the worst headache possible. I just wanted it to be a new day so I could see my daughter again. I ended up crying myself to sleep that night…