Pediatric Cardiologist

Jolee had her first appointment for a check up on her heart on July 5th, 2013. Her doctor was a generous man. We first undressed her and weighed her. She now weighed 8lbs 10oz! She’s gained 5oz since birth and that’s great news! Her doctor first listened to heart with a stethoscope. He said it sounded great! I was extremely grateful to hear these words. Then came her ultrasound news. He explained to me she has three holes in heart. Which is called ASD and VSD. It’s associated with her Down Syndrome. I instantly wanted to cry but I knew I had to stay strong for my daughter. I remember him drawing out a picture of her heart and I just wanted to turn my head away. But he reassured me she was in excellent hands and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. I asked him how the surgery works. He said “We cut between the breast bone, stop the heart, patch the hole, and restart her heart”. I fought back my tears as hard as I could. I just held my baby girl’s hand and wouldn’t let go. He set up her next appointment in eight weeks. I’m hoping by then, I’ll hear that her holes are closing on their own.

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